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Rene Reilly Recommendations

Submitted by Westoak Woods Baptist Church, Austin, Texas on 01/01/2018

Deacon Toni Christmas, Women's Ministry Coordinator

On Topic

Renee was invited to be a keynote speaker at our ladies luncheon in May of 2017. She was excellent. We were all inspired by her testimony and her unprecedented love for the Lord. She brought us to a point of understanding God in this modern world of temptations. She was an awesome attention stirring keynote speaker. She is a must hear engaging speaker. She is on fire for the Lord and all of the saints of the most high God. I love Renee' "Let's do it again," is how she leaves you.

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Cindy - Women's Ministry Chair

At our weekend retreat, Rene was our keynote speaker and also led our Sunday service. She not only led/delivered 2 excellent talks, but was engaged in the entire retreat experience. Our attendees had nothing but really positive things to say about Rene, including the time she spent with them personally. We highly recommend her for any type of women's event.

Submitted by Bee Creek Umc on 05/12/2023

Jamie Booth, Women's Ministry Director

It is a privilege to recommend Rene' as a speaker for your women's event. We were blessed to have her speak recently at a brunch and she most certainly did not disappoint. Rene' is very personable in her presentation, speaking with genuine warmth for women, sound Biblical knowledge and was appealing to a fifty-year age spread represented in our audience. Her personal stories were relevant and spotlighted her authenticity. I would not hesitate to ask her to return.

Submitted by Austin Christian Fellowship on 01/27/2023

Barbara Wilson

Rene is so prepared to speak to each woman as though she was the only one in the room. She is personable, prepared and has a beautiful voice as well!

Submitted by Provenway on 01/06/2022

Jill Strzinek, Women's Ministry Director

It is rare that a speaker takes the time to get to know your ladies before, during and after your event. But, that is what Rene' Reilly did; she prayed for us and took the time to listen to our needs before the event. During the event she blended seamlessly at times and stood out at times as needed. After the event she stayed, prayed, encouraged and has even "friended" us on Facebook. That is the kind of woman you want partnering with your ladies, one who is "in it to win it", for the Lord.

Submitted by Annaville Baptist Church, Corpus Christi, Tx on 12/19/2019

Pastor Jeff Jackson, Pastor

I have known Rene' Reilly for several years and I can say two things with conviction about her, she is blonde and she is passionate! Her blondness makes her a people person. I have never known anyone with a greater God-given ability to meet someone and make that person feel like he or she is the only person on the earth at that time. Her passion is seen in her prayer life and commitment to lifestyle evangelism. Rene' lives to see women come to Christ and then become all they can be in Him. She consistently lives a winsome and focused life for the Lord. I wholeheartedly encourage you to pray about letting Rene' minister in your church.

Submitted by Gateway Hillcountry Church, Dripping Springs on 11/24/2015