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Robin Giles Recommendations

Submitted by East Hickman Baptist Church Lexington, KY on 10/30/2015

Sue McGee, Women's Ministry Leader

On Topic

"In the year 2001 as head of the women's ministry in my church in Lexington, Kentucky, I contacted the Brooklyn Tabernacle and asked them to put me in touch with a Spirit-filled woman who could speak at a large women's event in our church. I did not want just any speaker but I had prayed and asked the Lord to give me one who was filled with the power of God. When I spoke with her on the telephone I knew that she was the one God had for us.

She arrived in Lexington the day before the events of 9/11 took place. Our event actually was held on September 11, 2001. She saw the events unfold that day on television in her home city and was sad, but she spoke and sang with great power that evening at our church with over one thousand women present. We later had her to come and participate in another ladies' event.

You will be blessed by Robin's ministry. God will be glorified and His kingdom will grow as a result."

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Evelyn Sanchez, Women's Ministry Director

"I have known Robin for over fifteen years. Her walk with the Lord has been consistent, and an example and blessing to many. The Lord has anointed her with the gift to minister in song, lead people to worship and proclaim the Word of God. She is real, transparent and loving. Robin has great compassion for hurting women. It has been my pleasure and blessing to work with Robin on a number of occasions during different women’s ministry events here at the Brooklyn Tabernacle and at other churches. I know Robin will be a wonderful addition and an asset to your ministry."

Submitted by The Brooklyn Tabernacle on 03/26/2024

Evangeline Inman, Founder & President

"Robin has been a tremendous blessing to many of our conferences. She connects with the audience and has the ability to bring them into the presence of the Most High God. Robin has been a featured speaker and guest recording artist at the Women Who Worship conferences in Canada. I highly recommend her and I am planning on having her as a featured guest again. She has a sweet spirit and is not demanding as a speaker. I count her as one of my friends."

Submitted by Women Who Worship on 01/10/2023