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Evangelist Gwendolyn Braswell- Burkes

Mrs.Freda McGhee has a special anointing that empowers others to find their purpose...She has a Grace to keep her audience engaged.She is reliable and prompt to her engagements..I highly recommend her and I cant wait to work with her again at our first women's retreat. She did an outstanding job at our past womens conference.

Submitted by Dry Bones Street Project on Tuesday, Jan 29, 2019

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Freda McGhee Most Recent Recommendations

Alisha Bragg

Freda did a great job speaking about the different hats we wear. It most definitely spoke to me. She is very friendly.

Submitted by Unity Baptist Church on Sunday, May 05, 2019

Lora Beth Women’s Ministry Director

Freda was a wonderful speaker at our ladies event. She spoke to everyone there on some level. Her topic of the many hats women wear until they receive their eternal hat was a powerful message.

Submitted by Unity Baptist Church on Sunday, May 05, 2019

Marsha Hickox

Enjoyed it!!! Loved how she used our theme "Racing for Your Heavenly Home" Kentucky Derby Hats into her message. And especially the anagram of HATS.

Submitted by Unity Baptist Church, Inc. on Monday, Apr 29, 2019

Donna Marie Worden

My recommendation to all of God's women who have not had the blessed opportunity as I have to please welcome Mrs. McGhee's God given talent to enlighten your path as she has mine. Sister McGhee is a phenomenal orator, gifted writer and flutist whom I've listen to over the years. What stands out about Freda is her uncanny ability to unwrap God's word in a way that connects hearers to the core of the message in a most simplistic manner. Thereby, bringing heartfelt praises to God from her audience. May you be blessed as well as we all have at Calvary Chapel Gwinnett from this most humble servant God has given to us the body of Christ, Praise Be To Jesus Our Lord! Amen

Submitted by Calvary Chapel on Sunday, Feb 03, 2019

Evie Wilson

Heart of teacher. God bless you!

Submitted by Nurse on Sunday, Feb 03, 2019

Beth Gawthrop

Freda is a dynamic speaker that uses warmth, humor and acceptance to educate, motivate and encourage the listener. I have been fortunate to hear her speak on multiple topics. I always leave with a firmer grip on my faith and a belief in my ability to handle life's roller coaster with God at my side. I have been blessed through her Godly messages.

Submitted by Attendee on Tuesday, Jan 29, 2019

Latonia Copeland

Awesome speaker. I love her warm spirit and welcoming smile.

Submitted by Essential Affairs on Tuesday, Jan 29, 2019

Jody Siingletary

Freda spoke at our annual Advent By Candlelight event and bought a wonderful message including hope and families, and traditions. She was wonderful to work with in preparing for this event and she easily accessible.

Submitted by Fbc Griffin, Georgia 30224 on Monday, Dec 03, 2018

emily- womens retreat coordinator

Freda spoke at our 2018 womens retreat, we could not have been more pleased. We had great communication leading up to the event to keep topics and direction of the event all cohesive. She was down to earth, but professional. She spoke from a place of experience and biblical truth, which is how and Christian speaker should. I would definitely recommend and would use her services and talents again.

Submitted by Explore God's World on Monday, Oct 22, 2018

Randy Rolen

Freda did a excellent program for our Widows’ and Widowers’ brunch. She was great to work with and the audience definitely connected with her. I highly recommend Freda as a speaker.

Submitted by Ringgold 1st Baptist on Monday, Aug 20, 2018

Donna Byrd

As a pastor’s wife for over 30 years, I have heard many inspiring speakers. Freda McGhee covers her topic well, speaks with enthusiasm, connects easily with women, and speaks with authority from Gods Word. All of our ladies LOVED her when we invited her to speak at a ladies event in 2017! Everyone was truly inspired and encouraged by her relevant message. She communicates warmly with a heart of love.

Submitted by Calvary Chapel Gwinnett on Friday, May 04, 2018

Catherine Cosenza

Freda McGhee is a woman of God that intimately knows not only the WORD OF GOD, but is able to take her audience on a journey with her for them to want more out of their spiritual walk. I highly recommend Freda as an inspirational speaker because she is an anointed woman of God whose heart is passionate about sharing HIS LOVE and and HIS GOOD NEWS❤️

Submitted by Ccg on Monday, Apr 30, 2018

Rachel Bramlett, Communications Assistant

I have heard Freda speak on multiple occasions, and I’m always impressed with how she speaks truth from her heart, and always brings encouraging truth from the Bible.

Submitted by Sugar Hill Church on Friday, Apr 27, 2018

bobbie vignola

Freda spoke at one of our women's fellowships about the different hats that women wear in our lifetime. I was so blessed by how Freda portrayed these different hats. I still think of some of the hats that I have worn and will wear. Her love for the Lord shines through her words and she has the most beautiful smile! Trust me, you will be Blessed by her words!

Submitted by Calvary Chapel Gwinnett on Wednesday, Apr 25, 2018