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Carolynn Scully Recommendations

Submitted by Journey Christian Church on 10/31/2015

Anita Burns, Involvement Director

On Topic

She has been a willing volunteer as our Women's Ministry Director, Small Group Leader, and coordinator of several special events. Carolynn has been one of our most popular teachers of women's Bible studies. She is creative, deeply conscientious, professional, and sincere.

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Harold Armstrong, Lead TeachingPastor

"September 15, 2009

It is my pleasure to commend Carolynn Scully to you as an outstanding Christian communicator. She marries a deep love and understanding of the Word of God with the imagery and rhythm of a poet. Through her God speaks into the lives of women – their hurts and hopes, their disappointments and dreams.

Carolynn’s gentle spirit and soft-spoken wisdom touches deep emotions. She motivates Christian women to reclaim their first love and find lasting purpose and fulfillment in an eternal relationship with Him.


Harold Armstrong
Teaching Pastor"

Submitted by Journey Christian Church on 10/31/2015

Carol Leff, Founder

She is a godly woman who knows how to use the creative gifts God has given her to challenge and inspire her audience. She is a prepared accomplished speaker taking the subject you give her and making it hers or using one of her many topics and making them yours.

Submitted by Potter's Wheel/creatively Called Workshops on 10/31/2015

Sara Alsup

When she teaches, it seems easy to follow because Carolynn takes the time to weave her ideas into your heart.

Submitted by Sara Alsup on 10/31/2015