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Saundra Dalton-Smith Recommendations

Submitted by Word Alive International Outreach on Thursday, Aug 02, 2018

Jacqueline W Paddio, Elder/Equipping Pastor

On Topic

Dr. Saundra Dalton-Smith is a top-notch professional who brings great value, positive work ethics and outcomes as a communicator. Just recently our church offered a Health and Wellness Seminar to educate and encourage a healthy lifestyle. All of the participants provided raving reviews for Dr. Saundra Dalton-Smith. Her newly released book on Sacred Rest enlightened and encouraged many to re-evaluate their perspective of rest. That said, her ability to serve creates an invigorating experience for all to benefit. I am extremely impressed with her commitment and desire to provide quality in everything she does.

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Karla Cazer MS, RN, CNS-BC, Faith Community Nurse Manager

We recently had Dr. Saundra present a day-long conference for faith community nurses, chaplains, social workers, counselors, physicians and Stephen Ministers. She was able to explore the wholistic definition of Brokenness in patients/clients and provide ways to authentically minister to them where they are in their life's journey. She is personable, genuine, Christ-like and a breath of fresh air. Our audience loved the continuing education and new ways to care for the whole person, as well as identify when they as caregivers may be broken. We also had Dr. Saundra provide a morning workshop for women of all ages, entitled, "A Well Woman: Finding your GRACE Place.". The women worked through their own struggles with being a well woman and what God's wants for us as busy women in today's world. The women loved the event and stayed around for fellowship, sharing and praying together. Thank you Dr. Saundra!!

Submitted by Faith Community Nursing Center, Sanford Usd Medical Center on Friday, May 24, 2019

Karen Powers, Speaker Coordinator

Dr. Saundra has merged her Internal Medicine training with her gift of motivating and inspiring to offer a level of health care that leads to total wholeness of the mind, body, and spirit.

Submitted by Christian Speaker Services on Friday, Oct 30, 2015