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Linda Penick Recommendations

Submitted by Southwest Region Conference Of Seventh-day Adventists Pastor Spouses' on 09/10/2021

Mrs Janice L Ford - Leader

On Topic

Linda Penick is an engaging and insightful Christian speaker who will gently challenge the listener to think and approach life's experiences from a viewpoint that will promote growth and development on a spiritual as well as on a personal level. She interjects humor, personal experiences, and often uses manipulatives to help make her point. The listener leaves her presentations feeling uplifted and encouraged.

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Imelda Hatchett-Mitchell, Community Director

Linda is one of the most dynamic individuals I've ever met! She is down to earth, straight forward and she speaks to the everyday issues that women face. And not only can she identify with women she addresses men's issues as well. She is beautiful, well-dressed, educated, poised, professional but most of all, a spiritual woman of God!

Submitted by Shangrila Hospice on 08/01/2019

Norma C. Galiza, Administrative Assistant to the President/Women's Ministries Director

I have worked with Linda for many years --initially as the Women's Ministries Director for the Pacific Union Conference of Seventh-day Adventists and now in her own independent ministry. She has been a very inspiring speaker and cares very much about the women she is entrusted to inspire and nurture. She is very gracious in her way of speaking while winning hearts for Christ. She is an amazing and nurturing speaker.

Submitted by Hawaii Conference Of Seventh-day Adventists on 05/09/2017

Donnis F, Johnson

I have a great deal of gratitude and respect for Linda. I have witnessed her ministry journey , spiritual growth, and God's favor on her life. She is genuine, a team player, supporter, committed and faithful women of God. The compassion and love she shares with hurting women has blessed millions.

Submitted by Donnis F. Johnson Ministries on 05/04/2017

Sali Butler, MPH

Chaplain Linda Penick is a dynamic, transparent and motivational speaker who shares her faith journey to bringing healing to others. Her purpose is to strengthen the Body of Christ by action and not just words. She has ministered to women around the globe for more than 30 years and still has her passion and glow.

Submitted by Pacific Union Conference on 05/03/2017

Wilma Kirk Lee , Executive Director

Linda has the ability to make all audiences "family". Her information is always timely.

Submitted by Center For Family Wholeness on 05/03/2017

Joyce Kyle

I have heard Linda speak multiple times and each time she is engaging, loving, warm, and she always connects with her audience. .I am always blessed when I hear her.

Submitted by Flagstaff Sda Church on 05/03/2017

Shirley Benton, Director, Women's Ministry

Linda is an excellent speaker and presenter. I have used her several times to present at my seminars, workshops, retreat and conferences. She is able to relate to various audiences extremely well. She is focus and holds the attention of the audiences. She always brings a solid message and I consider her a great encourager. I highly recommend Linda as a speaker.

Submitted by Allegheny West Conference on 05/03/2017

Q Wells, Educator

Conversationally speaker

Submitted by Southeastern Conference Fl on 05/02/2017