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Nancy E. Head

Christian Speaker
Restoring the Shattered
Altoona Pennsylvania 16602

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Restoring the Shattered

Restoring the Shattered

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Name Restoring the Shattered
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Altoona, PA 16602
United States of America

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  • 1972
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  • First Church of Christ / Non Denominational
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More About Nancy E. Head

Having come from an impoverished background, Nancy Head is now a teacher, author, blogger, media guest, and speaker, encouraging and equipping audiences to pursue Christian accord for the sake of lifting up those in need in every community. 


Nancy E. Head was a single mother with five children under the age of 14. The family endured hard days. There were programs to help, but in many ways, those programs were designed to make those in need permanent fixtures in an impersonal system. Programs intended to help seemed instead designed to make people stand still in life.

But one factor made all the difference for this family. It was the ministry they received from Christians of various faith traditions. Government programs provided physical needs, but not all needs are material. A welfare check doesn’t heal the kinds of wounds divorce and poverty cause. But the love of Christ does.

As the ensuing years have passed, Nancy has come to realize that much that separates Christians from forming community efforts to lift up the poor are distortions and misunderstandings about doctrinal differences. Nancy sheds light on these misunderstandings--while acknowledging our authentic differences. Despite those differences, however, Christ's Church can come together and make a difference for families in need. 

This type of ministry doesn’t force people to stand still in life. Instead, it lifts them to a new place. It doesn’t just provide.It encourages. It brings healing.

And it showed Nancy that the Church is bigger than she thought.

Nancy is excited to spread the message of hope and restoration. She wants to show Christian communities how to lift up those in need and how those lifted up can encourage others. When not teaching or writing, Nancy restores antique quilts, crafts projects for her grandchildren, and participates in a small group devoted to ministering to the needy in their community. Distinguished Toastmaster. 

Nancy is available for online events.

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Nancy E. Head Speaking Topics

Teaching Literature, Writing, and Grammar (And yes, grammar still matters!)

Understanding literature and formulating effective writing skills including using correct grammar are neglected arts today but not lost causes. You can boost your school's writing...

Divorce, Child Custody, and Alienation

Alienation is a big problem among divorced and single-parent families today. How do parents avoid wounding their children through alienation? How can someone deal with being an alienated...

Christian Accord

What caused Christianity to splinter into almost innumerable denominations and sub-denominations? How can we work with others who call themselves Christians and strive to follow Christ...

Poverty Alleviation

Which government programs are helpful? Which are harmful? What can the Church do that really works? Having experienced true need as a single mother, Nancy E. Head knows what works...

Abortion, Sanctity of Life

Once a teen "in trouble" and later a single mother with five children, Nancy E. Head has been part of her local pro-life effort since 1979. She has written extensively on...

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Nancy E. Head Resources

Restoring the Shattered: Illustrating Christ's Love Through the Church in One Accord

Written in an easy-to-understand, conversational style, Restoring the Shattered is an account of Nancy E. Head’s journey through single-motherhood and poverty. The permanent divide between her and her husband led to a shattering of their family as the children settled into separate camps. The story begins when Nancy and her children have little to eat. Through a miraculous intervention, God provides—and leads them along their way. Other interventions and more guidance came from people of different denominations, illustrating Christ’s love through the larger Church. When...

Posted by Nancy E. Head on 04/03/2020

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