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Christian Women Speaker's Tutorials

Welcome! If you are looking for specific "how tos" related to using the www.WomenSpeakers.com platform and resources, you're at the right place! If you are looking for the hour-long training MP3s for speakers and event planners, you'll find those at www.MarniesFriends.com. If you can't find what you need, contact us here. Thanks! Marnie

Q. I see Love Offering, Works with Your Budget and Bureau Level Fees. What do these mean?

A. God has gifted our Love Offering Speakers the heart and wherewithal to come for any amount. Most of us try to work within the budget God has made available to you. Bureau Level Speakers typically charge $5000 and up; often over $10K. 

Do NOT be intimidated by those numbers! Many of the planners here are finding speakers for much smaller events, audiences and/or budgets. 

Most of our speakers try hard to work with the budget you've got.

While some of our "Work with Your Budget" speakers charge bureau-level fees for corporate engagements, most of us make HUGE accommodations for those working with smaller budgets. We're on a mission, so we flex. 

In their defense, speakers in the "Bureau Level" category have reasons for being less flexible: They may be in high demand with limited availability. They might be a sole supporter of a family. There are so many reasons. 

Just know, God has THE RIGHT SPEAKER for you! Invite with confidence! 

1. Nothing is more powerful than recommendations. Here's to add those:

2. Add your speaking topics ASAP. Here's how:

3. Adding resources increases visibility and revenue for your ministry.

4. How to accept a speaker lead.

5. How to answer the question, "How much do you charge?"

6. Do you have a sample speaker contract I could see?

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