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Posted by: Anne Watson on 10/19/2018

Your Own Worst Bully

Would you speak to your daughter the way you speak to yourself? Have you let past experience, negative opinions, and cultural pressure convince you that you aren't enough and that you're too much? Are you afraid you'll get rejected if your friends knew the things you work so hard to hide about yourself? Are you tired of pretending you have it all together?

You can break this cycle and be liberated from self-oppression when you figure out how to obey one tiny little commandment of God. Love yourself. 

Women have more power than they realize but often take themselves out of the proverbial race because of hurt, fear, or unbelief. Everything from a broken childhood, a relational loss, harsh criticism, and betrayal put women in danger of stifling who they are, who they were created to be, and what they were created to do. Everyone loses when women are held back from passion, purpose, and calling. But that stops now!  

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