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Posted by: Karla Merrell on 12/14/2022

Your God-given purpose is found in your attitude, not your aptitude.

"God does not call the qualified, He qualifies the called." -Christine Caine

It is hard to find purpose with the busy demands of work and life. It is even harder when we exclude ourselves from certain activities or groups that could bring us purpose, stress relief, or in closer relationship with God just because we automatically label them as “not for us” or because our immediate response to the unknown is assuming that we don’t have the time for it or we are simply too flawed or unqualified for the task.

The Bible teaches us many examples of ordinary, flawed people, just like you and me, that were able to do extraordinary things when the listened to God's plan, changing their attitude to obedience over aptitude.

Instead, we could find guidance to discover our God-given call in our own curiosity rather than our desire to obtain a controlled outcome. An attitude of curiosity can lead to unexpected purpose that goes beyond what we think we are able to do based solely on our background, education, or family history. Only God knows what we are really capable of doing when we are ready to listen to the plan he has for us.


  • Open your mind and heart to your God's given purpose using the power of curiosity.
  • Get practical ideas to ignite your dormant inner-curiosity and discover your hidden talents and unbounded influence.
  • Transform your time-bound plans into purpose by establishing a supportive community around your newfound gift from God.

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