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Posted by: Darla Makela on 12/28/2021

You Are Not Broken

Discover how to walk confidently and boldly as you identify your beauty and your greatness as a whole and beautiful daughter of God and to live knowing that you are not broken!

Often our life experiences lead us to believe that we are broken.  That something is wrong with us.  That we are not enough.   God’s word tells us differently and he wants us to walk in his truths that we are made complete and whole in him.

Listen as Darla Makela shares her own journey of feeling broken, even as a Christian, to realizing that in Christ she was and is a beautiful daughter of the most high God…which means that she does not need to be fixed.  And neither do you!

In this discussion we will identify:

The truth about who you are and what God says about you.

What it means to walk boldly and confidently in Christ.

How you can go from walking in brokenness to walking in freedom.

What you can do today to begin seeing yourself as whole and not broken.


All presentations can be done as interactive and will have handouts available for easy application.

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