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Posted by: Becka Brady on 01/25/2022

You Are Chosen - Discover Your True Needs

One of the most valuable lessons Becka learned through her journey was the lesson related to Nutrients. She was running after certain people, places and things to meet her needs and continued coming up empty-handed, discouraged, and broken. At the end of the search, she discovered her essential needs were still not being met. You Are Chosen - Discover Your True Needs is a powerful topic where Becka takes your ladies through the discovery of what their essential Nutrients and Needs look like - and gives them tools needed to successfully identify their True Needs. 

Beyond our physical needs, we as human beings have needs in three core areas:

  • Emotional
  • Relational  
  • Spiritual 

 Identifying these nutrients and needs serves as guideposts to discovering your True Purpose. 

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