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Posted by: Jennifer Cadamore on 08/03/2016

You Are Beautiful!

Find your identity in who God says you are...Become who He has created you to be.   

Ecclesiastes 3:11 tells us "He has made everything beautiful in its time".   Intended for ages   10-110,  this message incorporates powerful videos, visual tools and music.  You will learn how to  see yourself from God's perspective so that you'll understand your true value and be free from insecurities that plague so many girls and women!  

Below is a brief description of what will be discussed:

  • Society’s role in contributing to the low self-esteem of young girls and women
  • Understanding how God invites us to live as women of honor
  • How to use Scripture to overcome negative thoughts 

By taking the steps she’ll discuss, her hope is that you'll leave believing that because you are God's creation, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!!

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