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Posted by: Jennifer Cadamore on 08/03/2016

You Are Beautiful!

In this lesson, Jennifer shares how she developed deep insecurities as a young girl in regard to her physical appearance that continued well into her 20's.  They ultimately became debilitating and resulted in destructive behavior.   Only by asking God for help and really delving  into Scripture was she able to be freed of the low self-esteem and nagging jealousy to become the woman she is today.    By incorporating powerful videos, visual tools and music, she teaches how you, too, can be free.   Below is a brief description of what will be discussed:

  • Society’s role in contributing to the low self-esteem of young girls and women
  • Seeing ourselves from God's perspective
  • Understanding how God invites us to live as women of honor
  • Learn how to use Scripture to combat the negative chatter in our minds

By taking the steps she’ll discuss, her hope is that you'll leave believing that because you are God's creation, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!!

** This  message is intended for all ladies ages 10 to 110!!

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