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Posted by: Beth Owens on 04/30/2017

Write Your Story

Every woman has been somewhere. Down some road, some path, that no other has been down in quite the same way as any other woman has been. In this message, Beth taps into those personal experiences - whether external and beyond our control or internal with ourselves at the root cause - that God can use for His good and for His glory. Beth reminds us that each of us has a story that needs to be told and shared, not only to glorify God in her own life, but help others who are walking and will walk down a similar path as they. We go through experiences, pain, struggle, loss, hardship, and face particular strongholds so that we might be sensitive and empathetic to others who will soon follow. In this message you will discover what your story is and how to begin using it to build your own relationship with Christ and to strengthen others. You will recognize that God is the author of our story and that if we allow Him, he can write it more beautifully than we could possibly imagine. 

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