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Posted by: Peggy Ployhar on 10/20/2022

Worship Aerial Performance

Book Peggy Ployhar to speak and/or perform at your next women's event/retreat. 


Meet Peggy Ployhar, a remarkable individual who embodies the essence of resilience, determination, and unwavering commitment to living in the joy of God's grace over her life. As an inspirational keynote speaker, she captivates audiences around the world with her powerful story of triumph over adversity.

Peggy is not just a survivor; she is a conqueror. Her journey through life has been marked by challenges, but she has consistently risen above them by clinging to Jesus and her faith in His ability to provide through all circumstances. A breast cancer survivor, she faced this life-altering diagnosis with unparalleled strength and grace. Her story serves as a beacon of hope for countless others, reminding them that even in the darkest of times, there is light at the end of the tunnel.

With an incredible 19-year tenure as a special needs homeschooling mom, Peggy has demonstrated an exceptional commitment to her family. She has navigated the unique challenges of homeschooling children with special needs, using her experience to advocate for inclusivity and support for families facing similar circumstances. Her dedication to her children's education and well-being is a testament to her unwavering love and determination and God's continued faithfulness and grace in and through all the lessons she and her family learned during their homeschooling journey.

Beyond her role as a mother and survivor, Peggy wears many hats. She is a dynamic podcaster, using her platform to share inspiring stories, offer guidance, and promote resilience in the face of adversity through the lens of her Christian beliefs and relationship with Jesus. Her podcast has become a source of motivation and empowerment for countless listeners around the globe who home educating children with diverse learning needs.

In the world of performing arts, Peggy is a true standout because of her high level of fitness now in her mid 50s. She is an accomplished aerial silks performer, captivating audiences with her breathtaking performances that symbolize the beauty of defying gravity and expressing worship in the air. Her expertise doesn't stop at performance; she also serves as an aerial silks instructor, nurturing the talents of others and helping them discover their inner strength and grace.

Peggy is not only a performer, but also a business leader. Her leadership skills, honed through years of overcoming challenges, have been instrumental in the success of her organizations.

She is the founder of a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting individuals and families home educating diverse learners. Through this organization, she has created a community of hope, offering resources, emotional support, and a sense of belonging to those looking for better learning outcomes for their children.

In a remarkable feat, Peggy is also the proud owner of the aerial studio, Eternal Aerial Arts LLC, where she has created a space for individuals to discover the magic of aerial arts within a God-honoring community. Her studio not only fosters physical strength but also encourages personal growth and self-confidence.

In summary, Peggy is a multifaceted individual whose life journey is an inspiration to all. Her unwavering spirit, resilience in the face of adversity, and dedication to making a positive impact on the world by pointing others to faith in Jesus which has made her an extraordinary keynote speaker, breast cancer survivor, special needs homeschooling mom, podcaster, aerial silks performer and instructor, CEO, nonprofit founder, and aerial studio owner. Her story is a testament to the power of God at work in the life of a believer who is determined to shine His light in the world by being used as He has turned adversity into opportunity, providing hope and motivation to all who have the privilege of hearing her share her story.

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