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Posted by: Juanita Price on 09/17/2018

Women (The Come Forth Series)

This is undoubtedly the season for women to shine.  By shining, i mean it is time for her to stand up, lift up her head and courageously walk through every door that God has set before her.  Unfortunately, she has some things that will hinder her every step along the way.  Some of these things appear harmless, innocent and are even seemingly good things.  

In a gender-biased world, the term “woman" appears to connote that she comes with fine print and limitations which state that she is merely a tool put here someone else's use and enjoyment.  Further that her job is to put her own needs and aspirations last on the list of her priorities.  Further deceptions send her messaging that says that if she thinks that God has gifted and called her to lead or to occupy any place of prominence in his plan, she is sadly mistaken.   Not so, says Juanita Price.    

Her teachings on the topic of biblical womanhood has shaken loose the unbiblical patriarchy that has hindered many women.. She strategically leads women into a love relationship with the word of God where the scales fall off of their eyes and chains of bigotry and control crumble to the ground.   She invites her audiences on a biblical scavenger hunt which at its conclusion, will unearth the riches of pivotal pieces of their future.  Her word for women, "Woman Come Forth".

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