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Posted by: Judy Dippel on 08/28/2017

Women's Friendship Challenges and Solutions

Women value their friendships with one another. Friendships that  aren’t functioning well can  seriously impact women’s  lives  and  generate intense anguish. In short, when  friendships are  jeopardized, women  suffer. Whether friendship challenges are  mild  or toxic,  emotional battle wounds  can scar  the  psyche and  change the  course of one’s life. We want to help change that.

The  Art  of Authentic Friendship offers  solutions to  the most  pressing issues  that  put  women’s  relationships at  risk today.  Regardless of how much women  need  each  other, in today’s time-demanding stressful culture, it’s a challenge for most  to make  friendship a priority. Others experience obstacles  or  conflicts that  result in  difficult  or  lost  friendships. Many  women  harbor unhealthy amounts of anger  and  resentment from  frustrating past  experiences. Some  women may  not  be willing to accept or forgive their friends, and  as a result, they  miss  opportunities for  lasting  connections with one another. When  left unchecked, problems with jealousy  and  competitiveness can  grow like  cancer in relation- ships.  So can  envy  and  unrealistic expectations. We learned that   emotional aggression   happens as  frequently in Christian friendships as  in  non-Christian ones  and  can  be extremely hard  to reconcile.

High maintenance or “needy” friends  can  also take  a toll on a person’s  well-being.  Women  may ruminate and suffer in silence as they  face harrowing challenges with friends. Many don’t know  how  to  help  those  living through domestic vio- lence  and  addiction, or serious mental health issues.  There are  other challenges as  well—difficulties that  drive  women to  lose  friendships entirely or  lose  themselves within  a friendship. Others have  grieved  the  loss of friends  who have died.  The  Art  of Authentic Friendship is designed to  help you face all these struggles  and more.