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Posted by: Kristin Koonce on 12/08/2016

Why Teachers Are Important

I know, without a doubt, I would not be the person I am today had it not been for the teachers in my life. It takes a village to shape and mold us into respectable human beings, and I provide proof of that in this talk. 

However, I do more than speak from a student's perspective. 

I come from a family of teachers, eight to be exact, so I also speak from the perspective of someone who has been around teachers 24/7 and witnessed the challenges they face -- the frustrations, the feelings of hopelessness, etc...

My hope, my mission, is to encourage teachers and staff in their efforts by reminding them of the difference they make in the lives of students every single day. It's the little things teachers do for their students that stick with us the rest of our lives.

Teachers are so, so very needed in this world and I'm here to remind them of that!