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Posted by: Mamie Jones on 05/10/2021

Who then is that wise and faithful servant!!

 In this teaching my encouragement to you is to understand  you and I are not bound to this world system  unless you want to be.

Jesus is letting us know.
1st We do not have to struggle as those that follow the world system

Because He will take care of us, If we seek  His way of doing things.

 2nd. We struggle because we do not trust His  way of doing things.

3rd   We feel if we do not see it it is not happening.


Which puts us back into seeking the world system way of doing things

God did not say do not work.  Do not get a career, do not save money

 What He is saying is-Stop letting these things drive you

 And seek His direction and trust it

Then that which you desire.  
As you do it His way!

He will add to you.  increase you,  prosper you

 And you won’t be tripping over a bad day

Because you know you do not live in that day you live in the will of God (the Kingdom)

 So the Father is asking:

Who then is that wise and faithful servant

And I ask you -“What is the state of your soul”

Luke 12-37-40

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