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Posted by: Rayna Neises on 08/02/2022

When You Care So Much It Hurts~ Avoiding Compassion Fatigue

Compassion fatigue is real, whether in a serving profession, a parent, a family caregiver, or just wired to nurture and care for others. God calls us to be compassionate like the Good Samaritan and to take care of ourselves What you do is essential and when you reach the point of an empty tank you will find challenges everywhere you look, exhaustion, and frustration at work and at home. 

As an expert coach for professional women in a season of caring for aging parents, I share 3 things that can help you keep compassion fatigue at bay or refresh you to continue caring today. By sharing heart-warming stories with practical takeaways that encourage and inspire, your audience will find this presentation one to remember. 

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