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Posted by: Michelle Rooney on 04/29/2019

what are you so afraid of?

Fear is an entity that is universal. It has the power to grip, startle, terrify, and paralyze people in every corner of the world.

Fear is ready-made. It's always sitting there fully prepared, ready to jump in when we 're willing to entertain it.

Fear is a powerful adversary, always lurking, lying in wait, ever-present for some.

Fear is also one of the enemy's sharpest & most hefty of bows that he carries in his quiver. At the top of the 'weapons of mass destruction' list, for sure.

But fear lives in the shadows. It lives in places we dread, but may never go. It lives in places that God has promised us rescue and respite from.

The Bible tells us to 'Fear not." It lays out in plain black & white all of the ways that God has provided exit strategies to help us elude and defeat fear. Yet when we're panicked or on edge or scared, we forget.

After years of living in a good deal of fear ugh of the time, Michelle tapped into God's Word to see what He had to say about how life could be better, more pleasant, less scary. This presentation allows her to share what she has learned (from experience!) with you and guide you to steps that will help you walk in freedom from fear even in difficult and looming situations, all based on Scripture and God's very real and powerful promises. 

Michelle Rooney

Founder/Author/Teacher at bOuNcE


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