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Posted by: Linda Goldfarb on 01/02/2022

We Are Warrior Sisters: Standing Shoulder-to-Shoulder in Faith

Ready for the battle?

We Are Warrior Sisters is one of Linda's most requested faith-based talks.

There’s urgency in the world today. Every Christian woman is called to stand for her faith but the noise of the world is drowning out God’s still quiet voice. Linda Goldfarb’s Warrior Sisters talks cut through the noise giving the attendee a chance to catch her breath and concentrate on who she is in Christ and how to successfully step into battle.

Session 1 -Discover Your Faith Voice 45-60 minutes 

Session 2 -Discover Your Voices-of-Influence 45-60 minutes 

Session 3 -Discover Your Strong Tower 45-60 minutes 

If you have a three-day event be sure to ask about Linda's Prayer-Tree session. 

LINKED Personality Assessments are available for attendees. 

Table-Talk questions are also available to increase group interaction.

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