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Posted by: Sheri Valadez on 03/10/2018

Want a cookie?

God wants all of us ... not a small piece of us ... ALL of us! 

The great news is that when we surrender we discover His presence in our lives like never before.  When my mom was dying in the hospital a lady walked up to me and handed me a "cookie". I began to cry uncontrollably.  She patted my back, said the Lord told her to share this with me, and whispered she would pray for me. She entered the elevator and was gone. 

What she didn't know (and what I couldn't tell her as I was sobbing) was the cookie she handed me was made by my mother!  My mom would make "cookies" and hand them out at bible study.  Not eatable cookies but a cookie printed on cardstock with a verse on the front.  Mom used to say ... God's Word never returns void, eat of it freely!  

What are the odds this lady, with my mom's cookie, me coming out of my mom's room for air, all collide in the moment?  God! He desires to satisfy us in our deepest need.

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