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Posted by: Carey Scott on 01/08/2016

Untangled: Letting God Loosen the Knots of Insecurity - Weekend Retreat

This retreat series will help women discover their immeasurable value and reclaim their sense of value. It addresses the struggles of fear, shame, worthlessness and unforgiveness that keep us feeling worthless. Based on her new book titled Untangled, this retreat topic will help women open their eyes to what is tangling them up in insecurity and point them to the only One who can loosen the knots that are choking their self-worth. 

You will be challenged to:

  • Identify those factors that keep you trapped in the prison of perfectionism
  • Understand the problem with measuring your worth by the world’s standards
  • Learn about the tangles of fear, shame, worthlessness and unforgiveness
  • Believe you are who God says you are
  • See the importance of anchoring your identity in Jesus alone
  • Give yourself love and grace
  • Embrace the freedom that comes from replacing the “you’re not good enough” messages with God’s truth.

(I will provide attendee notes for each session and post-session group discussion questions upon request)

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