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Posted by: Melissa Maimone on 04/19/2017


Are you ready to set sail? This life is a beautiful, mysterious, voyage of adventure. We will experience spectacular sunrises, choppy waters, smooth sailing, and violent storms. In the best moments, the expanse and majesty of the journey can take our breath away. In the worst stormy seas, the waves threaten to pull us under and we can wonder if we will survive at all. How do we stay afloat in changing waters? Incredibly, we have all we need to find light in the darkest of nights and peace in the stormiest of waters.

Join speaker & writer Melissa Maimone as we explore how God has created us to find contentment, joy, and hope that is truly, wonderfully, unshakably, UNSINKABLE!

This theme can have images of anchors, water, and a “sailing” motif.


“We have this as a sure and steadfast anchor of the soul…” Hebrews 6:19



Love Came Down

It Is Well

How He Loves Us

2-4 Sessions 

(Retreats, conferences, Bible studies)

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