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Posted by: Jill Richardson on 12/27/2015


It takes bravery indeed to suggest not being available 24/7 in a plugged in world. We worry about the studies that suggest too much screen time harms our kids. Yet even we adults know the lure of the glowing rectangle and the little notifications we crave. We're no more immune than our kids, if we're honest.

What’s good and bad about technology and families? How do we set realistic limits? What are the alternatives? What kinds of things happen to us when we are always available, and can we detach ourselves from the incessant need to be present to absolutely everyone?

Recapture your kids (and yourself!) from an age of always ‘on’ and move toward making sane choices for your family. Regain imagination, generosity, communication—oh the possibilities!—without becoming Amish. Practical plans for starting now.

Jill is available to make this presentation/conversation online.

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