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Posted by: Anna Wood on 10/06/2019

Understanding what abused women are saying

Fear is a powerful motivator. For an abused woman, fear motivates her to keep silent about the abuse her husband dishes out to her or to downplay it in order to protect herself from further abuse. Because an abused woman is so often afraid to speak up and tell us just what’s on her heart, it’s up to Christians to listen between the lines when trying to understand what she is going through and deciding on how to minister to her.

There is often a disconnect between what an abused woman might say to you...and what she really means. 

In this presentation, Anna addresses multiple things an abused woman might say to you (for ex. My husband gets a little angry sometimes) vs. what she actually means (for ex. My husband is abusive. He is often angry at us without cause or provocation.) By exploring these, Anna helps the local church and individual Christians to know how to show Christ's love to those who have been abused. 

Anna Wood

Feminia Sola Gratia


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