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Posted by: Mamie Jones on 04/13/2017

Understanding the Power of Darkness

This book and teaching   bring  the readers into understanding  the real force behind their struggles.

Satan spearheads the war of evil against good—in the heavenlies and on earth.  However, since he can be in only one place at a time (unlike the Holy Spirit, who is everywhere at once—Psalm 139:7), God has granted him permission to utilize a host of spiritual beings to do his work.  Evil spiritual entities are quite real, initially created to be officials of good (as was Lucifer/Satan) but which were deceived by Satan (just as we are deceived by him) to turn away from good and to embrace evil instead.

You will come into the understanding that we are the legal commodities in the earth.   And Satan need our permission

to use us, the sad things is  many of us give  away  our legal rights un- consciously  because we really do not understand 

the power that reside with in us..... AMJ


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