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Posted by: Jeanette Levellie on 04/17/2017

Two Scoops of Grace with Chuckles on Top

What do bad hair days, slugs on a bus, and little redheads who sing too loudly have in common? They teach us about God's grace and laughter. Find out how in Jeanette's sweet, encouraging message that helps us receive God’s grace, extend it to ourselves and others, and find laughter in unlikely places. Can adapt to as short as 30-40 minutes, or up to three separate messages for one-day event or retreat.  

God loves you without reserve. When you grasp that and believe it, you can extend grace to yourself. This includes forgiving yourself, overlooking your ditzy doings, even being able to look in the mirror and say, "Hello, Beautiful!" Jeanette includes funny stories of her own foibles, to make you feel better about yours. 

There are three kinds of people we need to extend grace to: Those who Annoy us, those who Anger us, and those who Abuse us. Jeanette focuses on the latter two, sharing ways to overcome bitterness when we're wronged. She also shares a story or two from her own life about how God has helped her forgive. You can be set free from lifelong anguish when you employ a simple biblical recipe for flushing the pain. 

We need humor and laughter to stay healthy and have the abundant life Jesus came to give us. Jeanette sprinkles chuckles on the audience in this final segment, sharing many of the benefits of laughter and ways to add humor to our lives. She includes comical stories and jokes to end the message on a fun note. 

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