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Posted by: Keli Hillier on 10/25/2022

'Twas the Morning After Christmas

Thanksgiving 2021—CANCELLED!

Family time was a priority. So, when Keli cancelled festivities for the holiday, everyone knew there was cause for concern. Excitement was in the air. Christmas preparations were in full swing. But for Keli, a night—maybe 2—in the hospital might be what she needed to kick the virus that plagued her.

After 115 days—55 of them on a ventilator--on March 25, 2022, Keli returned home with the story of her experience when she woke face-to-face with Jesus during her 7 minutes separated from the COVID ravaged body and in the lush fields of heaven.

Keli, with her daughter, Amber shares their heartfelt testimony highlighting miracles in the early morning … after Christmas. Laughter and tears, personal stories, and time with Jesus, will be offered with the rawness and vulnerability that are irresistible. Their message will breathe hope into the hopeless, and victory for the defeated.

Keli Hillier

'Twas the Morning After Christmas


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