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Posted by: Sarah Beckman on 11/02/2017


Join Sarah as she uncovers the Treasure found within the text of Matthew 25.  You will come away renewed and encouraged to “start digging".   Over the course of 3 sessions you will learn:

  1. “Becoming God’s Treasure” – Many times we are given negative labels by the world that separate us from one another and from what God thinks of us.  When we “wear” those labels, we aren’t living fully as God intends.  You will learn about 3 labels God wants you to wear: wonderful, loved, forgiven and the supporting scripture.  There is also an interactive element to this session.
  2.  “The Treasure Giver” – We understand God as our Treasure Giver by learning 3 valuable lessons found within the 3 parables of Matthew 25.  Each parable allows us to further understand His desire for how we live fully during our time on Earth.
  3. “Digging up Your Treasure” –  The Parable of the Talents serves as the foundation for this session.  We uncover 4 reasons why God wants us to dig up our treasure.  With visual encouragement, this session is a crowd favorite as attendees learn why they should get their shovels out and start digging.

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