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Posted by: Holly LaChappell on 12/01/2020

Train To Reign: Living Your True Identity With Victory And Authority

Hey there sister! 

I am super thrilled to be on this mountainous climb to Zion with you as we Train to Reign! Get excited! As you climb, the view is clearer, brighter and at the top the view is amazing! He IS showing who you are IN HIM! Jesus is going to teach you how to live your true identity with victory and authority! Come along with me as we scale this mountain together. I promise it will be fun! We will laugh together and perhaps even cry a few tears. But, if you’re anything like me, tears move me to make a needed a change and cleanse my hurting soul. And, sometimes a few tears release all of the locked up emotions I did not even know were hiding in my heart!

We will see Jesus face-to-face as we marinate in His word, laugh and cry over the missteps and stumbling! But, my royal friend, we are in this together! So, get ready! Put on your running shoes or hiking boots, some comfy shorts and a t-shirt, sunnies (as my daughters call sunglasses) and some electrolytes in that water bottle and a few trail bars. (We might get ravenous along the way and need a snack!) Oh, don’t forget the sunscreen and a hat! Can’t wait to journey along the rugged path with you, my dear friend! Get ready to train to reign! 

This is also my NEW Bible study Train To Reign: Living Your True Identity With Victory And Authority - Kindle edition by LaChappell, Holly. Religion & Spirituality Kindle eBooks @ (and paperback)

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