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Posted by: Jeanette Levellie on 04/17/2017

Touchable God: A WOW Experience in Prayer

Does your time talking to God need a shot of life and fun? Is there a right and wrong way to pray? Based on her own learn-by-making-mistakes experience in prayer and Biblical examples, Jeanette shares how you can have a WOW experience with God by three simple elements: 


OUTPOURING of your heart, and 

bringing God's WORD to Him. She encourages her audiences that there is no "wrong" or "right" way to pray, using examples such as King David, Hannah, and Jesus. Jeanette also sprinkles the message with entertaining, amusing stories from her own life that add warmth and allow her audience to relate to her sometimes-ridiculous situations. Includes audience participation and music. If you need a fresh approach to revving up your prayer life, you need a WOW Experience with a Touchable God. 

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