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Posted by: Lori Hynson on 04/25/2017

The SuperGal Syndrome – The Who, What, and Why

            Are you exhausted from trying to find your own solutions to life’s problems, depending on yourself alone? Do you struggle to control your circumstances? Take on too many responsibilities? Or live for the approval of someone else?

            Women have struggled to do too much ever since Grandma Eve gambled away paradise for the rest of us.

            Who is a SuperGal? What are the symptoms? When did it begin? Why do so many women suffer from this spiritual disease? Where’s the harm?

            SuperGals wear capes of many colors. Some strive for achievement, while others quietly hide under their insecure capes. But our pain is the same.

            We don’t need to stay imprisoned in the chains of self-reliance, guilt, control and fear that keep us from reaching for God’s offering of joy and peace. We can learn to recognize, accept the existence of, and break out of our spiritual prisons!

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