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Posted by: Rebekah Anne Perkins on 02/21/2022

The Sex Talk for Moms (to help you talk to your daughters!)

Moms, how in the world are you supposed to talk to your daughters about sex, and when! 

In this talk, I will give you tools and encouragement to help you open the lines of communication so you can equip your daughter for life as God's designed it. 

First let's cover what doesn't work: Shame, avoidance, and surface-level answers. 

Instead, you can be: Gracious, empowering, full of confidence, direct, and deep. 

You love your girls deeply and this might require you to dig deep and do some growth and work of your own. But it's WORTH IT! Your daughter was made to enjoy sex, but within the bounds of marriage and to/with a respectful, loving man. Give her the best chances at that by being BRAVE. She NEEDS YOU. 

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