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Posted by: Shana Strange on 04/16/2018

The Power of Providence

God's plan for our life rarely makes sense when we first set out on our journey with Him. There are many un-foreseen twists, detours and turns that make us feel like we need to take matters into our own hands. In this message, Shana shares her journey of stepping out as a fledgling christian recording artist and worship leader. At the pinnacle of success and  signing a record deal, Shana thought she had achieved success, only for God to shut doors and the record label dropped her. 

Through that season God taught her the meaning of worship and the truth about providence. He re-birthed music and words in the most difficult of times. The timeless lessons she learned about destiny and God's leadership are the powerful truth shared in this message.

This message can be given as a keynote or expanded upon in multiple sessions for a retreat. The principles are from Shana's soon to be released book entitled Providence: God's Beautiful Plan for Your Life. 

Everyone has a destiny and God wants everyone to live it out! 

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