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Posted by: Kimberly Hooper on 10/28/2015

The Lord's Prayer

Take a Journey Through the LORD's Prayer 

The most powerful prayer that Jesus taught His disciples. This life changing lesson helps us to understand God's POSITION as our Heavenly Father, His PROVISION for His Children, the POWER of forgiveness, and God's supreme PROVIDENCE in the lives of humanity.

Personal note from Kimberly:  For many years I have prayed this prayer. The richness of this prayer has been a blessing and guidepost in my life. This study takes the listener through a journey of Gods amazing love and provision for our lives and an understanding of what it means to be set apart and walk in the freedom that He has called his children to walk in.  

As participants, women will join me in the journey as I share the rich lessons of this passage and integrate meaningful activities along the way that will help them to understand God's love and acceptance of them, the power of forgiveness, the freedom from the devils snares, and walking in the hope and light of the Gospel.

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