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Posted by: Denise Pass on 07/28/2018

The Hand that Rocks the Cradle: Are You a MOM at Risk? - 3 Talks

Are you a M.O.M. A.T. R.I.S.K.? Denise gives hope to moms, guiding us through the pitfalls and

victories of our roles as mom and how our influence can shape the next generation. It is not

too late to make an impact on your children for the LORD. Denise is a mother of five children,

all of whom she home educated and four who are currently in college. Need encouragement

as a mom without legalistic expectations? Come be refreshed, laugh at yourself and be

rejuvenated in your parenting. The hand that rocks the cradle by shaping hearts in the word of

God has an influence that leaves a legacy.

#1 - Are you a M.O.M. A.T. R.I.S.K.?

Denise shares the distractions that can keep us from the greatest calling of God on our lives.

#2 - Protecting or Sheltering? Overcoming Worldly Influence without Putting Your Kids in a Bubble

How do we protect our children without keeping them in a bubble? How do we build them up to impact the world rather than it pulling them down? Denise shares from Scripture how to be a mom who helps to fulfill the work of God in your children's lives.

#3 - Leaving a Godly Legacy: Imparting Authentic Faith without Legalism

Convictions are imperative to walking faithfully with God, but imposing our convictions on our children or others is legalism. Moms play one of the most significant roles in their children's lives of inspiring and cultivating faith. Come see how.

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