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Posted by: Linda Rous on 07/17/2019

The Fee For Extra Baggage

Women have emotional scars.  Statistics are shocking.  You are not alone; we all have emotional baggage to live with.   There is a price to carry this extra baggage around with you.  Understand that we do not get over our trials but move through them.   We don't forget; we learn to live.  God loves you.  He can use sinners and failures but not quitters.  There is Bible instruction to forgive and live guilt free.   Ref: I Jn 1:9, Ro 8:1, Ro 3:23, Jms 4:7, Ps 103:11-12, I Jn 2:1

Linda Rous, Speaker/teacher, http://www.seek-and-find.net

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