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Posted by: Kim Aldrich on 12/17/2022

The "Easy Yoke" of Discipleship

The weighty work of making disciples becomes an “easy yoke” process once we realize that King Jesus Himself is the Master Discipler, not us. 

Making disciples becomes much more doable once we realize that Jesus is the Teacher, we’re the helper. He’s the Coach, we’re just the spotter. This perspective helps  to lighten our load as we learn to follow Jesus’ lead, resting the full weight of transforming a life on HIS shoulders, rather than our own.


In this workshop, Kim will share how she got started as an “accidental discipler.” She’ll also share some practical principles for filling your own well first, discovering if someone is mentor-ready, setting healthy boundaries, and “catching a wave of the Spirit” together in a way that decreases fear, accelerates growth, and increases joy in the discipleship process!


"Lord, thank you that YOU are the Master Discipler, and I can simply step out in faith and let YOU work through me!"

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