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Posted by: Mamie l Jones on 04/19/2017

The Deception of Shame

Shame is an area that so many people deal with and it is a great tool

 that the enemy uses to keep people in bondage.    Shame will always come up

 when you need it down the most  it will always find it's  way to make you hit walls 

that you should be able to pass through.    

Years and years will go by with this spirit 

hidden in your soulish realm.     Secrets, Hurt and discouragement  follow you 

every where you go.    You cannot trust anyone with your shame the enemy says!

they will laugh at you,  they will reject you, sneer at you.

This spirit has block even the five fold minister,  people see them pouring  out

And yet they have no one they can trust..... to pour into them healing...

this word will bless the body...

it it is time now to SHAME the devil  and be willing to break free  that God can use

those traumatic  areas to heal others...  AMJ

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