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Posted by: Beth Kinder on 10/23/2019

The Cross Changes Everything (Forgiveness)

Most Christians believe they are saved by grace, but many live as though their salvation is dependent upon how they live. Unfortunately a sneaking mindset of serving in order to stay connected to the Father rather than serving because we're connected to him derails that saved by grace lifestyle. So we burn out trying to remain enough for God to use us, love us, be happy with us. 

And when we fall short, sin, or feel as though we have disappointed God we run from him, work harder to make it up to him, or fake it that "everything is fine" as we're slowly dying inside. 

But what if we could be free from all of that striving and uncertainty.  What if we could embrace the fullness of what "saved by grace means." simply by understanding what exactly changed with the cross? 

From this message you will: 

  • Let go of striving.
  • Stop carrying the shame of the past.
  • Release the pressure of having to do more to be more.
  • Accept the unconditional grace of God through His forgiveness "once for all time."  

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