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Posted by: Rebekah Anne Perkins on 02/21/2022

The Cost of Discipleship - Lessons Learned From a 20 Year Wait

Following Christ is not easy. We lay down a lot, in fact, we will be called to lay down everything. The cost is high. No matter WHAT he asks of us, He will give us something greater in return but we must become people who understand things like patience, long-term yield, and contentment as we are shaped. 

God asked me to wait for marriage (and sex) until I was 39 years old. Questions of his goodness and sufficiency marked my almost 2 decades of waiting, but He did always turn out to be enough and the "return on my investment" of giving Him my all, was worth it. The cost of discipleship is high, but the return on investment is priceless. 

Cost #1 - Laying down what we think we need to be happy / Reward #1 - Gaining true happiness

Cost #2 - Not fitting in this world / Reward #2 - Having an impact on this world

Cost #3 - Starving the flesh / Reward #3 - Spiritual Vitality

Cost #4 - Time / Reward #4 - Eternity 

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