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Posted by: Kim Aldrich on 12/17/2022

The "Back Pocket Basics" of Making Disciples

Ever have the impulse to invest the gospel in younger believers, yet have no idea where to start? 

What if you could have years of discipleship experience in your back pocket before you even begin?

Seasoned coffee date discipler Kim Aldrich shares the time-tested principles she's learned from the Holy Spirit over nearly 20 years of investing the gospel in younger believers. She's  distilled these down into a 7-part acronym of relational skills you can easily remember and practice with those in your daily life - til you're ready to start discipling others yourself!

Kim walks the audience through each of the "back pocket basics" step by step, making room for audience participation to practice one (or more) of the relational "basics." Pretty soon, that scary "d" word of discipleship becomes accessible, practical...and even irresistible!


"BACK POCKET BASICS" definition: Learnable relational skills that enable any believer to invest the gospel in others, turning a good conversation into a God-conversation.

"Once meaningful God-conversations become a habit, just add authentic obedience and friendly follow-up - and you've got discipleship!" 

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