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Posted by: Jill Richardson on 10/24/2017

The AWOL Generation: Helping Churches Discover Why the "Kids" Are Leaving and What To Do about it

Churches across the board are searching for ways to stop the "leak" of our next generation leaving church after high school. Yet no new programs or special ministries seem to help patch up the breach. Probably because more than a patch is needed--we need to think in a whole new way. 

Jill takes church leadership through a consultation/discussion/presentation about the Millennial generation and it's needs, thought patterns, and goals. She helps churches look at five key areas where they can move toward genuine interaction with the next generation, not only attracting them back to church but inviting them into partnership. The gap isn't going to go away--it's gong to get worse. But we can change the pattern, if we really want to discover the why.

Jill brings her experience as a discipleship and senior pastor, teacher, parent, and researcher to this topic. She is currently finishing a doctorate in Church Leadership that focuses on this subject.

Jill is available to make this presentation/conversation online.

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