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Posted by: Leah Fort on 04/26/2018


Have you ever been that person who is engaged in something and then "Squirrel!" you are suddenly looking at the shiny thing that just gleamed or you are so busy doing what you are doing you cannot focus on anything else? 

Things that distract us are often not intrinsically sinful. However, distraction diverts our focus. DISTRACTION is a DANGEROUS thing in the life a Christ-follower because distraction is like the attraction of a MAGNET. It pulls us toward itself. Before we know it, we are LOST in our DISTRACTION! By drawing a picture of "compare and contrast" between the lives of Bible characters from the book of Luke, we can see how easy it is to become distracted by 'doing' instead of 'being' and how by magnifying our focus on the stuff of life, our gaze on the Lord diminishes. The Attraction of Distraction offers insight of how to avoid distraction and be fully engaged in relationship with the Lord.

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