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Posted by: Monica Gary on 01/18/2019

Testimony: Out of the Sex Industry

The pinnacle of my life of brokenness was marked by stealing, dealing drugs & working in strip clubs to support my addiciotns & abusive fiancé (now ex) who couldn't stay out of jail. I was an absent teen mother and a young adult with no direction. Many things led up to this lifestyle and it wasn't easy leaving. I've been married ten years now to the friend who helped me leave that industry. Peter also protected me when I decided to leave my boys' biological father, who was threatening to kill me. Peter and I now have six children all together and live with open doors to help others escape from addiction, poverty and destructive lifestyles. Most importantly, I have joy and a deep intimacy with Jesus, my awesome hero who was with me through it all. I would love the chance to share how God is ever present & loving, even though the darkest times.

Monica Gary 

Pastor, Ex-Stripper, Social Media Minister & Writer


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