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Posted by: Judith Eick on 10/28/2015

Stories from the firkin. Stories written and told by Nelle Cooper

At home on the farm, we stored our sugar in a wooden bucket called a firkin. When Mother pulled out the firkin we knew something sweet was coming. This is a collection of stories, each contains a message of scripture and a moral. 

A little pot of oil. From the Biblical text – II Kings Chap 4. When the prophet ask, "What do you have?" You must answer. 

The Belgium Hat. Titus 2:4 All women teach younger women. Some life lessons are not easily shared. 

Give of Your Best To the Master. (A quilt story). Proverbs 3:9 One woman of wealth gives rags, another out of her poverty gives her best. The third woman, a quilter turns their donations into a masterpiece. 

The Apron Proverbs 8:11& Proverbs 31:10-31, John 13;1-17 A ruby, a marble and the heart of a servant. Middle Street. Exodus 3:4 The address of the people who refuse to use God's gifts. Tilly And The Wants. Unrest and dissatisfaction may try to claim us until we refuse and treasure God's gifts. 

Libby Missed the Messiah. Libby would wait for the priest! She missed the Messiah!

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