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Posted by: Mecca S. Carter-Marshall on 08/16/2020

Step With Me Into The Light!

A three-day speaking package which includes the following: 

  • So-what you gave the Devil your past! Give GOD your Future! You are not perfect. You did some things you are ashamed of. You want to do better but are struggling with past mistakes and regrets. Minister Marshall demonstrates the importance of forgiving yourself, as you prepare for GOD’s forgiveness. 
  • Taking Intentional Steps Forward! It is not what you did, but what you do now. What happens after GOD’s forgiveness? Learn how “intentional steps” will not only improve your life, but keep you moving forward. 
  •  Stepping into the Light! Sometimes the only way you could give someone direction, is if you traveled that road before. I traveled through my darkness and found my light. My light is helping you find yours. Take my hand, and step with me into the light. 

Each topic is designed to motivate and encourage you to shed the guilt and burden from your past. Trust in GOD and move deliberately towards HIM. 

Your steps are orchestrated by GOD, I am simply a vehicle HE placed on your journey. Take my hand, and step with me into the light.

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