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Posted by: Ginger Renfro on 07/16/2019

Stay Committed, Quitting is NOT an Option?

Have you started a project, book, maybe attending a bible study and you find yourself ready to quit? Perseverance is one of the skills that is one we struggle handling and yet one of the hardest lessons we will learn in our lifetime!                                                                                         Comments we tell ourselves; I want to follow God, but only if it feels good! I want to serve others but, I don't feel like it I tell myself there is always another day! The Spirit of God can feel unpredictable, the plans of the Enemy are very predictable by: Condemning us, Distracting us, Convincing us to go against God's Word, Discouraging us.                                       Remember to TRUST in God during life's disappointments and never, never give up. 

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